The body


The sound resonates in the body.

What to take care of, when planning your body:

  • The top surface is the most important for the sound. The sides and the back have a very decent impact on the sound. Can be plastic, papier-mâché, of course wood, metal… just avoid sound absorbing stuff like sponges 😉
  • If you take closed boxes, cans… check if it has the potential to sound. You can have an idea while knocking the surface or pull a string over with an improvised bridge.
  • Take care of statics! If your neck goes down until the very bottom of the body, you can use even paper as body, because the tension of the strings is just on the extended neck. If your neck ends on the bodies top, then your body needs to be durable enough to hold the neck and the strings in tension.
  • The bigger your body’s volume is, the more bass you can get out of it.

Fuel tank Guitar

Metal fuel tanks are mostly available in 5l, 10l & 20l on the junkyard, in grandparent’s garage or in the regional classifieds. They are rigid enough, to support both: a going through neck and „standard“ neck.

  • Undestructable!
  • Heavy
  • Mostly, you need to pay a little


Yes, it is possible to make a guitar body out of paper, just by sticking many little scraps of paper together. It’s possible to have a wooden plate on the back or have a nice rounded full paper shape.

The top surface of the body stays anyway paper, so you will have a good sound.

  • Cheap and easy.
  • You are super free in shaping the body!
  • Not that super over solid, but if you treat it like a normal guitar, nothing gonna happen. (And even if, it’s just paper. You can fix it with ease)
  • Paper mache takes a bit of time.

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